About Us

A journey of the thousands miles starts with a single foot step (Lao Tzu).

ACUITY makes every effort to remain a distinguish electrical engineering and consulting team devoted to professionalism, growth, long-term clientele, and uncompromising personalized service.

ACUITY capability is founded upon over twenty year daily practice of rigorous electrical engineering discipline. We have built our base on high standards of personal and business integrity. Our constant is to offer the finest electrical engineering possible in order to protect life, health and property.

At ACUITY we take pride in our work and well designed products. Our highly educated knowledgeable team is committed making every project the very best it can be. We strive to do our best to provide uncompromising personalized services in all aspects of electrical engineering.

At ACUITY we believe that every man is offered a chance to do a work unique to him and fitted to his talent. ACUITY is committed to identifying, developing, utilizing, and recognizing the talent of people devoted to professionalism and uncompromising personalized service. Our team sharpness is focusing on utilizing design perceptions and techniques that have proven reliability in the Alberta environment.

Continuous improvement is the hallmark of ACUITY for remaining flexible in responding to the need for design modifications. Each project is unique, those we are providing service above self to help all parties involved to deliver optimal solutions and constructability. Our in-depth knowledgeable and skilled team is capable to apply the most relevant standards for sustainability.

Our Mission

ACUITY dedicates its knowledge, skills and attitude as a provider of electrical engineering personalized services and is located in Edmonton, Alberta. Our team is proud of capabilities and performances whether it is conceptual design, sustainable design or technical design, upgrade or feasibility evaluation. ACUITY’s keenness is in identifying priorities in the electrical designs for industrial, commercial and multifamily residential sector with emphasis on energy efficiency, individual productivity, and individual comfort.

ACUITY stands for three things: the dignity and need for meaning of the individual, excellence and uncompromising personalized service. This is the power representing ACUITY’s extraordinary service culture. This is the ACUITY’s belief system providing a tremendous base of shared values and personal security for everyone who works there.

Over the past few years, despite global economic hardship, ACUITY has persevered and expanded. We continue to grow and thrive. At ACUITY we think about our clients as our most important partners. We work hard to do our best to satisfy our clients who will come back with the next project.

ACUITY’s team keenness in perceptions results in solving problems for our clients. There is intrinsic security that comes from the dedicated effort of our team members, from helping clients in an authentically creative mode. There is security in knowing that our people can step out of their frame of reference without giving it up, that our members of team can really and deeply understand another human being. We have built our base on high standards of personal and business integrity. Over the years of repeated services for our valued clients we have cultivated intrinsic security, that comes for finding cooperative interdependent solution to path in client’s needs.

Our team having participated in more than seven hundred projects, undeniably anchored ourselves deeply as a finest provider of uncompromising personalized service in electrical engineering in the Edmonton and Calgary business community. Built on knowledge, skills and attitude, each new project is the attest of our continuous commitment for making every project the very best it can be.


ACUITY is proud to acknowledge our association with the following organizations, who play a critical role in establishing guidelines and standards of practice to enhance the quality and value of professional services:

  1. Association of Professional Engineering, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA).
  2. Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEG BC).
  3. Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA).
  4. Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
  5. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
  6. Urban Development Institute of Greater Edmonton (UDI).