Meet the Principal

If you had to describe Yi Yang in three words, it would be uncompromising personalized service. An entrepreneur for over fifteen years and founder of Acuity Engineering and Consulting Services Ltd, he puts his all into everything he does.

Yi graduated from The Shanghai University of Electric Power with the degree in Electrical Engineering. Perfectionist by nature, Yi mastered to excellence field in power distribution. Proactive by nature, constantly monitoring environmental changes, he chose the path to Canada. Man of integrity by life, Yi passionately learned, committed and done well designed products. When life tapped Yi on his shoulder and offered a chance to do a work unique to him and fitted to his talent, he was prepared and well qualified.

Today Yi’s keenness in perceptions results in solving problems for his clients. There is intrinsic security that comes from his service, from helping other people in an authentically creative mode. There is security in knowing that Yi and his team can step out of their frame of reference without giving it up, that he and his team can really and deeply understand another human being. Security, that comes for finding cooperative interdependent solution to path in client’s needs.

Yi is actively involved in giving back to community and by genuine interest in helping others. When devastating earthquake hit the Sichuan in 2008, Acuity and Yi were first in line to ask how we can help. Acuity became one of the main sponsors for fundraising China Quake Relief Concert on June 26, 2008. High artistic value fundraising dinner in early spring 2010, motivated Yi, President of Edmonton McClung Family Foundation, and a team of volunteers searching for next venue in building up funds. Their mission for enhancing strong family bonds is on right path.

Yi loves activity, especially badminton and skiing.